Garden Blogger Fall Color Project from Ontario

It's time for another Fall Color Project Update! For those of you on Blotanical who haven't seen The Home Garden for a while welcome back! The Feedburner issues with my blog have been resolved finally but unfortunately you've missed the announcement of my fall color project. To sum up the project I'm asking bloggers of all venues to do a post about the fall colors in their area. Then I sum up the posts here and put the most recent 5 posts in my sidebar. In this way we can track the fall colors as they journey from north to south! We've already seen some amazing posts from some great bloggers. For more details check out the Garden Blogger Fall Color Project Information Post.

Today's fall color update comes to us from Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario. Dan, who writes the blog Urban Veggie Garden Blog, returned from his trip with some amazing wildlife shots among the cool colors of a Canadian autumn. The heron in the picture to the right is the shot I find the most impressive. I'm never able to get them to stand still, or rather stand period! Dan takes us around the Ragged Falls, Muskoka Falls and Smoke Lake while showing us pictures of fascinating wildlife like moose, chipmunks, red-breatsed merganser ducks, and a wild turkey that has so far escaped the dinner table!

2008 Garden Blogger Fall Color Project Participants

George in Vermont (The Vermont Gardener and Vermont Gardens)

Nancy in Nova Scotia, Canada (Soliloquy)

TC in Western Pennsylvania (Write Gardener)

Liisa in Vermont (Liisa in Vermont)

Dawn in Maine (In the Garden)

Anna in the Shenandoah Valley, Va. (FlowerGardenGirl)

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