The Backyard Remodel Tour Part 1

You may have noticed that the daily blogging has slowed down a little bit on weekends. It's been for a very good reason: The Patio Project. My commenting on other blogs has suffered as well but everything should pick up once the final touches have been made on the backyard remodel. It's become more than a patio project and really extends the full length of the house. Included in the project have been at least three new garden beds (one of which could easily be subdivided into three sections), a stepping stone pathway, the patio itself, a small deck extension, latticework installation, and a whole lot of sweat! OK maybe you could have done without that last bit of imagery...

Here's the before:

And now here's a look at the nearly complete project from the vantage of the bird bath garden. Around the deck is the latticework and one of the garden beds. The landscape timbers have been filled up with a combination of dirt, compost, and mulch. A few plants have been added but for now they will remain mostly empty. I'll see what kind of sale plants I can find this fall that I can add. The space between the birdbath garden and the landscape timbers is roughly 6-7 feet wide just wide enough for two passes with the riding mower to take care of the grass.

I put some labels into the picture below so you can see what plants are already there and some of the future plans. I moved a viburnum to the corner of the deck and planted a small birch tree form the Arbor Day Society. It's doing pretty well and has been protected from the munching mouths of deer. Two threadleaf coreopsis plants from this summer's wedding project have found a home in this bed next to a daylily from Frances. To the left of the picture and the center of the deck is a Phlox paniculata from Gail. It's probably better known around the Garden Blogger world as Practically Perfect Pink Phlox or PPPP. I think Gail likes it...

Unfortunately Tina, the Chocolate eupatorium didn't make it. I really wish it had survived, it would be such a cool addition to the garden!

Hopefully one of the pyracantha cuttings I took a couple weeks ago will find a home next to the house between the deck and the crawl-space access door.

Here's a glimpse at the corner of the house. Near the airconditioner is another viburnum. It's one of the snowball kind that is sterile and unfortunately that means no berries. I planted a crape myrtle to one day overtake the bathroom window for privacy reasons. This is also where much of the stone I've been importing from my in-laws property is being used.

That's it for part one of the backyard remodel project. I'll post part two about the stepping stone pathway later in the week.

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