What Did I Bring Home Last Weekend?

Last weekend I brought home a few things from my in-laws house. I'm very fortunate to be able to take cuttings of anything they have around or to be able to gather rocks for edging in our garden. So what did I bring home last weekend? I've already told you about one thing, the pyracantha cuttings. I took 14 cuttings from their Firethorn or "orange berry bush." Once they root I'll show you a little more about them.

I also brought home a few cuttings of their Japanese dappled willow. I found at a plant swap in the spring that these are very popular so I thought I would make a few more plants. I also need a few more to replace some that died due to the dry conditions this summer (it didn't help that they got run over by a lawnmower!)

I brought home another shipment of rocks for edging. These rocks are in a newer garden area along the backside of our house.

I also brought home 3 'Little Jane' magnolia (Magnolia liliiflora) saplings. They were volunteers that popped up in their front garden. I'm not sure where they'll go yet but I'll find a place. For now they are potted up on the back porch where I can monitor and water them easily. Little Jane is a deciduous magnolia that grows somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 feet tall.

Little Jane Magnolia (Magnolia liliifola)

That's not all! I planted 4 native dogwood trees in our backyard that I brought home from my in-law's garden. These were volunteers like the magnolias and were even in the same garden. They really needed moved since they were taking over their front garden area. I suspect that the are either gray dogwoods (Cornus racemosa) or maybe rough-leaved dogwoods (Cornus drummondii). Take a look and see what you think. I planted them along a ditch in the backyard to hopefully help with soil erosion. Over time they should grow large enough to provide us with some privacy in the very back corner of our yard.


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