Standing in the Rain

This morning I walked out to get the newspaper through a soft drizzling rain and stood outside overlooking the backyard. Much needed and greatly welcomed, the rain felt fantastic. I observed the backyard and could almost, almost see the grass greening back up before my eyes for the cool season ahead. I'm looking forward to the dormant fescue making it's reappearance. I looked on the western slope of our yard into the naturalized area and saw the golden rod shooting up above the scrub with its bright yellow blossoms about to break forth. I thought of the vegetable garden that has run out of bounds. The tomatoes have overtaken their beds and knocked down any semblance of order. It's OK by me since they are still green and producing, they can travel where they want as long as tomatoes are forthcoming.

I looked over at the sunflowers that are past their prime and have faded. They don't look very attractive but I don't want to take them down until the birds have had their fill of the sweet sunflower seeds. I thought of the rattiness of August gardens and what brilliance the welcome rain will bring for fall. Soon the temperatures will be getting cooler and work in garden can resume more comfortably. Soon I'll need to get the weeding done that I've let go due to the heat of the late summer sun. Soon the leaves will begin to change color dropping from the trees in a painter's palette of oranges, reds and gold. But not yet. We have some miles to go before the garden sleeps.

*Upcoming post subjects: my updated chore list, a new planting bed, and Solidago (aka goldenrod).