Rose Buds and Blooms

I had intended to continue my series of Thrifty Gardening Tips but unfortunately blogger ate my post. Or most of my post. I'm not sure what happened, half of it disappeared which of course was the half that took me a couple hours to write. So instead I'm showing you a couple pictures of the rose bush I we bought my wife for Mother's Day. I'll get back to gardening on the cheap side for Friday.

The rose bush tolerated the summer heat of August and began shooting up new stems a week or so ago. The buds are coming up all over the bush and several have broken into flowering roses.

Here's a close-up of the rose. Can't you just smell it? The sweet scent of roses on the wind. Well maybe you can't, since you're on the other end of an Internet connection but we can! The new leaves begin with reddish hues and gradually turn green as they mature. Rest assured, propagating roses is on my list of things to do! I'll let you know as soon as that has been accomplished. Now back to writing about cuttings for Friday!

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