Garden Club Meeting and Nancy's Garden

As I mentioned yesterday I was asked to do a presentation at our local garden club. I'd like to thank all those who attended the meeting and gave me such a warm reception. I plan on going back soon! The presentation was on propagating plants from cuttings, something of which I have a lot of interest and something that I think can be highly valuable to the home gardener. In a couple days I'll post a free download of the handout that I distributed so that anyone can get the information. I may even post a short video after I do a little more editing. I think the presentation went well and really enjoyed the opportunity to meet other gardeners in my community!

For this post I'd like to show you some of Nancy's garden. She was the host of the garden club meeting. I took nearly 40 pictures of her garden which I thought might be too many to post in one posting so I put together a slide show. Nancy called her garden a work in progress since they were working on putting in a stepping stone pathway but I think you'll agree that her garden is definitely progressing nicely. After all gardening is just a journey that you never quite reach the final destination.

In her garden Nancy has planted crape myrtles, many perennials, roses, a birch, and maple trees as well as several elements of whimsy!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Nancy's garden!

Coming soon: Return of Name that Plant!

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