Dave's Top Ten Chores for the Fall Garden

Not to be confused with any other Dave's top ten list. This is a list of the top ten chores that I need to to in my yard and garden from now until the middle of fall. They aren't in any particular order and I will accomplish them in a similar fashion!

1. Clean up the garden beds. Each bed has assumed some measure of neglect over the month of August. Whether it is from invading aliens (sometimes called weeds) or a lack of nourishing rain there is work that needs done. Pruning out the dead branches and leaves and pulling those weeds are the priorities.

2. Clean up the vegetable garden. To get ready for number three I have to remove some of the past their prime vegetables and get the beds ready to receive new seeds.

3. Fall vegetable planting. I'll be putting in some of the same vegetables that I did in the spring like lettuce and radishes. I'll also try to get another crop of squash and drop in a few more beans.

4. Finish the patio. I'm still working on it! The rains have been inconveniently placed so that on the weekends the sand is still soaked. I have to let it dry out in order to set the remaining stones. I probably could go ahead and get the blocks ready but are plenty of chores to do. You can see what I've done so far here: Cobblestone Patio Update 4.

5. Install the lattice work around the deck. The lattice work shouldn't take too long to install but I have to do some special sizing (which means cutting) of each panel of lattice since the space beneath the deck isn't the same all around.

6. Install the landscape timbers. The installation of the latticework has to be finished before I put in my new landscape timber bed around the deck.

7. Fall mulching. You name it and it needs mulched. The trees and the beds could use good insulating layer of mulch to help them through the winter. Mulch protects the ground from the temperature fluctuations and helps to prevent heaving. It also keeps the root systems a little more protected from the cold over the winter. The roots still grow over wintertime albeit slowly so they can benefit from some mulching protection.

8. Build raised beds for perennials. A while back I picked up some old pressure treated lumber. While I wouldn't want to use it for my vegetables the 2"x 6" pieces would make perfect perennial starting beds. I hope to use this as a production bed to start various perennials from seed then transfer them to garden beds later. I'll probably just start with one 3'x6' bed then add more as I go. Although I do like the idea of smaller 3'x3' beds. What do you think would work better?

9. Build a coldframe. Ideally the coldframe would rest on top of the perennial bed but I may adapt it to be closer the the house for monitoring cuttings. I'll use the same lumber that I use for my perennial beds and some old windows.

10. Propagate hardwood cuttings from my favorite plants. Fall is a good time to get hardwood cuttings. I need to take cuttings from a few more Japanese dappled willows and red twig dogwoods.

I have quite a few other chores to add to the list but starting with 10 at least seems manageable!

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