Dave's Chores for the Garden Addendum

I realized today that I left off a very important chore that I'll need to do very soon, grass overseeding!

Fall Grass Overseeding. I need to spread grass seed over our existing lawn. Last year I used Kentucky 31 fescue and our lawn looked great in the spring. It browned up over the summer since fescue is a cool season grass but it's greening up again now that the rains have come back and the temperatures are slightly cooler. I want to put a combination of grasses into our yard so this year I'll find something other than Kentucky 31. A rye grass would be good for winter greening but most likely wouldn't make it until next year. I don't want Bermuda grass anywhere in our yard, ever. Once it finds it's way in it is hard to get rid of especially when it comes to garden beds. I'll probably go with another fescue variety. Perhaps there is a fescue that is more drought tolerant. I don't water my grass and it would be nice if it stayed green longer.

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