10 Great Uses for Fall Leaves

With fall almost here it's time to start thinking about gardening chores and the task that most people have to do in some way is deal with the leaves. What do you do with the leaves is an important question. For way too long many people have burned them which to me is the worst possible way to dispose of unwanted leaves. Often the leaf burners will use additives like gasoline to help the leaves catch on fire (like they really need any help!) In this post I compiled a list of 10 GREAT things to do with your fall leaves!

Shred the leaves

1) Use them as mulch in your garden beds.
2) Mow them over into small bits and let them replenish the soil of your lawn. Make sure there are no large pieces of leaves that will kill off your grass.
2) Toss them in the compost bin to make compost!
3) Prepare new beds by incorporating the shredded leaves into the soil either by tilling or double digging.
4) Create new garden beds with newspapers then cover with leaves to kill the grass and weeds underneath.
5) Bag the shredded leaves and poke holes in the bags then add a little moisture. By spring you should have some great leaf mold compost.
6) If you don't use them in your garden give them to someone who does! Gardeners love leaves!

On the Creative Side

7) Collect the leaves and save them by flattening them underneath a book or use a leaf press.
8) Use the leaves to make textured stepping stones or garden art. Just make the stones as you would normally but press a variety of leaves into the surface. Any leaf with a strong veining pattern will work. You may have to scrape the leaves off after the cement dries. I suspect that Tina has done this one and can probably tell you more!
9) After drying and flattening the leaves use them for stencils on your walls and art projects.
10) Photograph the pictures and make prints for decorating your home during the fall.

And one more thing!

Photograph the leaves at their peak, blog about them, and use them to participate in The Garden Blogger Fall Color Project!

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