My August Project List

August isn't a great month for planting plants here in Tennessee but it is a good time to get other projects done. That is if you can stand the heat! I have several things that I would like to get finished before the beginning of fall and I thought I would write a list to help keep myself organized.

Here's what I have planned:

Project 1
Finally install the latticework around the base of our deck. The deck looks very unfinished and plain right now. Once I get the latticework installed it should close off the underside of the deck effectively.

Project 2
Install the raised bed landscape timber planters. After completely the latticework I want to build one level of a raised bed around the deck and part of the house. It's not a hard project but it will take a little time.

Project 3
Build the patio. This project has been on my radar for quite some time. Thanks to Uncle Sam and his economic stimulus check writing abilities we have the funds available to install one. We chose to use paver stones with a retaining wall edge. I think it will come together very nice in the end but it will mean a good deal of work until then. It's a project with many parts:
  1. Layout the edging stones to get an idea of what the shape of the patio will be. Done
  2. Clear the area of weeds and grass. In progress
  3. Level the patio area.
  4. Dig the edging trench.
  5. Spread gravel in the edger trench.
  6. Install the edging stones.
  7. Lay down landscape fabric. (One of the only places I would use it!)
  8. Spread gravel.
  9. Spread sand over the gravel.
  10. Lay the paving stones down.
  11. Work sand in between the paving stone cracks.
  12. Enjoy my hard work!
Project 4
I hope to build an arbor out of the old patio wood I acquired last fall.

Project 5
Build a perennial seed starting bed from the patio wood I mentioned in Project 4.

It's kind of intimidating to list my projects out like that but I've worked on sand and gravel based patios a couple times before and I know what is involved. I listed them with numbers but they aren't prioritized. I'll do what I can do when I can do them! There is no rush on Projects 4 and 5 I just listed them to keep them in my mind!.

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