Garden Photography: Asters and Butterflies (with my new camera!)

Thursday I got my new camera and of course I couldn't wait to get outside and take a few pictures to test it! Let me just say that I am impressed with this Nikon D40. The pictures are much more clear and precise. The camera just functions better than our old Olympus. I'll still use the old camera from for pictures on this blog since it can easily be put into my pocket but I'll definitely be mixing in the new cameras photos. They're too good not to!

Take a look at our asters. These are New York Celeste asters that we purchased last fall. I separated them into several plants from the five we purchased but sadly several of them succumbed to a rust. I pulled those and left the healthy ones and now we have these asters to enjoy. Because of the division I made last fall I ended up with six this year despite losing four.

I love the types of pictures I can take with the lenses. The Nikon camera came with an 18-55mm and a 55-200mm. This butterfly would have been quite fuzzy on our other camera.

I took quite a few pictures with the continuous picture mode and selected the one I liked best of this tiger swallowtail butterfly. I can already see a danger with the new camera: picture storage space! Time to look for another hard drive...

I hope I get the time tonight to take some pictures for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day tomorrow!

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