Landscape Scenes from A July Wedding

It's Sunday and another family wedding is complete! The happy couple said their vows yesterday before the thunderstorm arrived. Since the wedding was outdoors at my mother-in-law's house it was fortunate that the rains only came during the reception that followed. Rather than talk too much I'll show you the results of our wedding preparations.

Here is the arbor with the arborvitae backdrop. We put some additional flowers in pots in between the arborvitae for some color.

Calla lilies and thread-leaf coreopsis added a bit of yellow to the scene.

From across the yard you can see the woodland shade garden we finished installing a few weeks ago.

From another angle you can look across the chairs and see the natural stone raised beds that they use for perennials and vegetables. Natural stone is one of my favorite ways to build a raised bed.

Here's a shot from behind the arborvitae looking out toward the audience.

Here is the scene before the ferns were added to the stands. The stand on the left isn't set right but it was fixed before the wedding.

My wife and I went on a last minute mission to find some pots for the calla lilies and coreopsis. I miscounted the calla lilies thinking that there were only two when there were really four. We only bought two pots for the calla lilies but we came up with a way to disguise the nursery pots with more of the natural stone from the yard.

Party favors are a standard in weddings and the bride and groom chose to give away live flowers for their guests. They picked impatiens and succulents. Everyone always likes free plants!

All that's left to do now is clean-up. The arborvitaes, coreopsis, and calla lilies will all find new homes in the landscape.

Congratulations Alan and Treena!