A Rad Harvest

No you're not having a bad 80's flashback. The word rad in the title doesn't refer to big hair glam bands or jelly shoes but rather radishes! How could you even think of the other stuff? The radishes are in from the vegetable garden and are quite tasty.

Here's the bunch I pulled today. There are still a few more in the garden that were to small to pull. I'll see if they will grow a little more then I'll harvest them.

Here they are all cleaned up and ready for human consumption! There were ten radishes in all. The largest of them is in the upper right of the photo.

Here is a close-up of the smallest of the bunch. The two tiny radishes in the next two pictures should have stayed in the garden longer but I accidentally pulled them and didn't want to put them back. The smaller the radish the bigger the taste. These two little one's were so tempting...

that they are now...


I can tell you though that the radish in the last photograph was the strongest! So what can I do with the rest of them other than eat them raw with dip, in a potato salad, or in a garden salad?

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