How to Weed Between the Cracks of a Patio

Many people have patios with permeable materials like sand and pea gravel in the cracks. These patios are open invitations for weeds that decide to drop in and make themselves at home in those cracks! It doesn't take anymore than a seed to sprout an annoyingly hard weed to pull out. There are many methods that will work to clean out the cracks like a high concentration of vinegar, boiling water, and yes even herbicides (I don't like those too much) but how about a mechanical method?

This weekend I took out an old metal mop handle and put it to a new use. By flattening out the exposed metal end, a sharp and narrow headed hoe was created!

It may not look pretty but it was a perfect tool for severing those weeds from their roots. A periodic sharpening with a file will keep the blade end sharp (a good thing to do with shovels also).

Of course you could go out and spend $15 on a brand new hoe...

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