Cucumbers and Mutant Squash

This morning I while out in the garden I found a couple cucumbers ready to be picked,

and mutant squash!

Apparently we had a Siamese squash growing on the vine. Each side of this vegetable anomaly appears like it could have been it's own fruit.

They are almost exactly the same length and size but completely connected on one side.

Here is the blossom end of the squash. Tonight we will have the Siamese twin separation surgery, I hope all goes well...or rather tastes good!

We also had this giant squash on the vine. Before we left for the weekend I check for any that needed picked. Either I missed one or it just grew really fast. It's almost 9 inches long. I like to pick them between 4 to 6 inches.

Can you guess what we're having for dinner?

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