Close Ups in the Bird Bath Garden

Here is one of our coreopsis plants with it's blooming like dozens of little yellow and red suns. I've recently discovered two small pots that have between 10-15 coreopsis seedlings in each of them. The rain garden I built will probably be a recipient of several as will the vegetable garden perennial ring.

And a close-up picture with some rain drops appearing from our recent rains. These are great plants, full of blooms and drought hardy. If you like yellow plants that need little care then you have your candidate!

Here is our Echinacea purpurea. I think I can confirm now that it is a 'Sunset' variety. I like the unique peachy color of this coneflower with its normal looking petals. I don't really like the double mutant forms that are available, they look like alien plants to me.

This coneflower has quite a few buds for us to enjoy. I'm really looking forward to watching its progress over the summer. Our 'Sunset' coneflower has given us three volunteer seedlings in our birdbath garden. I like little surprises like that!

Miscanthus sinensis
'Zebrinus'. I took a close-up shot to show the variegated foliage. It will grow quite large but I plan to divide it each spring to make more plants. The large ornamental grasses can make a good privacy screens if you have enough plants to plant in a row. If you want to divide ornamental grasses it's a good idea to do it when the plant is about a year old otherwise you might need heavier equipment than a shovel!

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