Another Tennessean's Shade Garden

There are so many variations a person can make for a shade garden. Often there are similarities between plant selections or plant placement but the individual responsible for putting them together has a significant impact. Recently another Middle Tennessean sent me a picture of her shade garden. Rachel put together a very fine display of foliage and blooms that I wanted to post for others to appreciate. In her garden she put azaleas, hostas, hollyhocks, lilies, coleus, and impatiens.

It looks great and those hostas are very happy. The Asiatic lilies add some flower color and height to the hosta foliage. Rachel's garden gets morning sun and afternoon shade.

It's fun to see what other people do with their gardens. If you aren't a blogger and would like to share a garden picture or two with other readers of this blog please send me a quick email with a description of your attached pictures. Feel free to tell me about your garden!

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