Rock 'n Roll

How do you move three giant boulders? Very carefully and with as much help as you can find! I couldn't have moved these three large rocks without the help of my brothers-in-law. The three boulders needed moved about 40-50 feet to their final location as a part of the woodland shade garden for my brother-in-law's wedding. Thankfully for the three of us the way was mostly downhill.

Probably the best way to move larger boulders would have been a dolly or a small front-end loader, but since we did not have either of those good old-fashioned man-power was the tool of the day. Although my wife may disagree we did move them intelligently. Picking the larger two boulders up was not an option. They must have been at least three to four hundred pounds. So we thought when you've got a big rock why not roll? We flipped the big ones end over end until we arrived at our destination. Now they are the front side of a rock border wall and can serve as a bench or tables to enjoy the shade garden.

This small rock was about 2-2 1/2 feet long and 6-8 inches thick. We were able to carry this one pretty easily.

This is the second largest rock we moved. This big guy was about 8-10 inches thick, 2 and half feet wide and 3-4 feet long.

Here was the giant of the day. This massive boulder was probably 3-4 feet long, 3 feet wide in places and 10-12 inches thick. It did not go easily but it did go!

Rocks and gravel are great to use in the garden, just make sure you have help if they are large and don't try to over do it! Be sure to check out rock and garden posts over at Gardening Gone Wild!