Potting Up

I was able to get outside this afternoon and do a little potting with some cuttings that had rooted. It's a constant process right now since as soon as one batch gets rooted I start some more. You never know if you will have enough! Sometimes you give away the plants to friends and family, other times the little plants get damaged by the sun, disease, or insects. It pays to have a few extra plants on hand to pop in the garden when you need them.

Here's the group that I potted. On the top tray there are five Russian Sage cuttings and one 'May Night' Salvia. The salvia was the only one of several cuttings I made that rooted. The other cuttings are starting to root but don't have enough roots for potting.

In the bottom tray I have five more Russian sage cuttings and three 'East Friesland' Salvias. I had to use two different trays since I ran out of the right sized square pots to fit this tray. With the Russian sage I've noticed that if you remove the bottom two leaves of the cutting you can plant the cutting deep like I do tomatoes. The Russian sage will root all along the stem and create a stronger root system. Of course this assumes that your cutting is long enough to remove the bottom two leaves and still have adequate foliage on the cutting.

Here's a little hosta I potted up. It was an offshoot of another hosta in the shade garden that I thought would be better off babied a little until it was large enough to play with the other hostas. It's an unnamed variety that I got in a box somewhere last year. Most of the time those box deals don't work out too well. Those hostas came up much better this year than they did last year.

I did a few other things like planting daylilies, transplanting sunflowers, suckering tomatoes, and some general watering. The daylilies came from the swap. I'll save a post for them when they bloom. The sunflowers came from our birdfeeder. If the birds think they liked them in the feeder just wait till they get some fresh sunflower seeds!

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