Name that Plant: Blueberry Bush

It's about time I positively identify the Name that Plant. It was a 'Duke' Blueberry bush. Our eldest daughter loves blueberries and while I'll eat them occasionally they were planted for her. I planted two this spring and while we are hopeful that this Northern Highbush blueberry will bear fruit we may have to be patient and expect it next year. From what I have read on the Duke variety of blueberry (vaccinium) it is nearly guaranteed to grow well in zones 4-7. Blueberries are one of those power foods that are high in antioxidants, good stuff for fighting off free radicals.

We typically eat our blueberries plain but there are many ways to eat them. Blueberries go well in muffins, pies, and there is even a blue berry soda! Go check out the recipe by Alton Brown if you don't believe me!

So who got this one right? Only two got it right from the beginning: Lola and Tina. Skeeter and Nancy both found a hint and get second prize!

Here are the current scores:

Tina (In The Garden): 2
Lola: 1
Jen (Jen-O-Topia): 1
Nancy (Soliloquy): 1.5
Chey (A Maritime Gardener):1
Melanie (Old Country Garden): 1
Skeeter: 1
Jillybean (Post-it-Place): .5

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