More Sedums for the Garden

One of the plants I was looking for at the plant swap this weekend was sedum. We have a small area between our driveway and our sidewalk that I want to convert into a sedum bed. We already had three varieties of sedum ('Blue Spruce', 'Autumn Joy', and another unidentified sedum) and we wanted a few more to add to the bunch. I was hoping that there would be some available at the swap since sedum are notoriously easy to root and as good fortune would have it we found three sedums to add to our sedum garden. All three succulents are suitable for use as a groundcover.

The first one pictured here with the bright canary yellow flowers is Sedum acre. We may have to watch this one carefully as it has a tendency to become invasive. Since the location it will go in will be between two hard surfaces I think it will be manageable.

This next one is a small cutting from a sedum known as 'Angelina' (Sedum repestre 'Angelina'). It will have yellow flowers in the fall and grows up to about 6 inches.

This one has to be our favorite of the moment: Dragon's Blood Sedum (Sedum spurium). The reddish tints make it easy to see why it got its name. Dragon's Blood Sedum grows up to 6 inches tall and blooms with red flowers.

You can bet I'll be propagating a few more of these sensational succulents! We brought home many more plants but I thought breaking the posts into several smaller posts might work better. Tomorrow I'll tell you what we added to the Corner Shade Garden!

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