Spring Blooms and Buds (Garden Blogger's Bloom Day)

Today the major player in Bloomsday action is the tulip! Some of these pictures were taken a couple days ago so you can see the blooming process better but all of the flowers you see in this post are currently in bloom.

Here is the bed in the front garden. This picture was taken from behind the tulips toward the sidewalk. The Euonymous fortunei is stretching toward the sky in the foreground.

A close-up of the closed tulip.

Here's one about to open.

Another look at the front garden area. It's still young and there are many more things that need done with it.

Our 'Shasta' Viburnum is just beginning to show flower buds.

An Achillea near the mailbox is almost ready to show its flowers. I've already divided four offsets from the plant.

The Irises in the backyard are budding. In a couple weeks we will have an abundance of irises to display.

Back at the mailbox you will find some 'May Night' Salvia nemorosa beginning to push forward with some flower stalks.

The phlox was already featured a few days ago in a post about propagating phlox. I think it's worth showing off again.

The 'Purple Homestead' Verbena is already blooming. I hope it can resist the frosts. Please ignore the weeds, I haven't made it to that bed yet!

Here is a shot of its bright purple blooms.

The redbuds (Cercis canadensis) are still in bloom.

Here's a shot of the dogwoods almost ready to bloom.

Here's what they look like when the mother nature aligns the blossom timing just right! This is our back tree line right now.

Thanks for visiting on Garden Blogger's Bloom Day! Head over to May Dreams Gardens to see who else has some plants blooming in their garden.

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