Name That Plant: Hosta

There's no denying it . The most recent Name that Plant was indeed a hosta. This one is a 'Patriot' hosta I picked up at the end of the season last year. It was named the Hosta of the Year in 1997. It has some really cool variegated green foliage and little purple flowers that rise up on stalks later in the summer. It may have flowers but most people grow it for the foliage. Soon this little hosta will be joined by caladiums, huecheras, huecherellas and coleus in our shady corner garden.

They like morning sun, afternoon shade, well drained soil and long walks in the garden (you have to do the walking since they pretty much just sit there). Beware of slugs since they like hostas as much as people do...or maybe more.

Keeping Score:
Tina (In The Garden): 1
Jen (Jen-O-Topia): 1
Nancy (Soliloquy): 1
Chey (A Maritime Gardener):1
Melanie (Old Country Garden): 1
Skeeter: .5
Jillybean (Post-it-Place): .5

I thought it might be fun to add a competitive element to the Name that Plant Posts. If you get it right on the first guess you get a point, if you change your answer and get it right before I post the follow up you get half a point. What do you think?

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