Freeze Warning for Tennessee

Hopefully this will be the last time this year but there is a chance of a slight freeze tonight and tomorrow night (April 28 & 28)! The weather forecasters are predicting temperatures in the mid to upper 30's for both nights. After that we should be in the clear.

Protect those plants!

If you are like me and have already planted some tender vegetables or annuals you may want to consider covering them for both nights. The daytime temperatures will be nice, in the upper 60's to low 70's, so your plant will get warmed up during the day! Just remember to take the coverings off when the sun comes back out.

How Do You Protect Your Plants?

I'll be using a combination of fabric sheets (not plastic) and overturned nursery pots.

Empty nursery pots work great to protect your plants. Just find an appropriately size pot and drop it over the plant. They are cheap, easy to use, and I have a bunch of them!

You could use plastic bottles and milk jugs with the bottoms cut off instead if you don't have extra pots lying around. The cloth sheets will cover the larger things that need protecting like my Blue Berry bushes (NTP hint). You can use plastic sheets but just make sure they aren't touching the plants themselves. Cold will transfer through the plastic and touch whatever parts of your plants are touching the plastic!

I'm also going to take some dried grass clippings that I have and cover my small seedlings (squash and cucumbers). I'll be sure to pull it back in the morning when the sun rises.

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