The Essentials of Garden Blogging: Cameras and Pictures

Very early in their blogging experience Garden bloggers find that the digital camera is their best friend. When I started blogging back in October of last year I discovered that illustrating my posts was essential to having a successful blog. People thrive on pictures. I've noticed that when a post has pictures more people are likely to read through the post. Readers like to look at the images and have a visual connection to the topics being written about. Usually images are more than just eye candy, they help to convey the message. The images can break up the text and help to make the post easier to read. Sometimes I just want to share an interesting plant or a nice landscape which is nearly impossible to do without a picture.

Putting pictures in Blogger can be difficult sometimes. I generally have to move them around several times to get them where I want them. Sometimes the pictures don't fit right when I do post them and I have to go back in and edit their size or placement. What I don't like about Blogger is that you can only upload one picture at a time. I would love to be able to pick 4-5 pictures for a single post and click once and have them all appear. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way!

To make the pictures look better before they go online you can do a few things.Here's my disclaimer: I'm not an expert at photography, just an aspiring amateur. These tips are just what I have noticed since we bought our first digital camera.

Here is my next question, what do you like and dislike about your digital camera? Our Camera is an Olympus Camedia D-560 Zoom. It has a 3x Optical Zoom and a 4X digital zoom, with 3.2 mega pixels. It takes good pictures but devours batteries like the rabbits devoured my veggies last year. We use rechargeable batteries to help keep battery costs down. It has a timer which helps to take those group family photos during the holidays. I would really like to upgrade to a better camera sometime this year, one with a much better optical zoom. Something in the 12-18x range would be nice, the more the better.

Is there a camera you would recommend? Also do you have any photography advice to add?

As a side note I edited this post 4 times to get the pictures where I wanted them.

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