Arbor Day 2008

Plant a tree. It's a simple enough sentiment. They give us shelter, they give us shade and fruit, and they give us life. There are so many reasons why you should plant a tree that the opposing list of why not to plant a tree is very short. In fact some of those reasons are way out there.

"I don't have room." Then give one as a gift.
"I don't have time." It doesn't take very long at all to plant a small tree. You can even have someone do it for you!
"I don't like trees." Then I guess you don't like shade, fruit, paper, or many other products that come from trees.
"I don't like oxygen." Well you're just out of luck then!

OK I'm being a little silly here but really, trees are very important to us and our world's ecology. Without them we would be without so many things. Over the past week I've tried to highlight the world of trees a little. There is a lot of material to cover about trees and I only lightly touched any of the potential subjects. Here is what I talked about:

An Arbor Day Pledge
How To Plant a Tree
Why Plant a Tree?
Why You Shouldn't Plant a Bradford Pear Tree But Some People Do Anyway
Some Ornamental Trees
What Trees Did We Plant?
The Garden Pest Files: Tent Caterpillar
A Sunrise Among a Cedar Glade

Here's what trees and shrubs we have planted this year: Red Maple (Acer rubrum), Yoshino Cherry (Prunus x yedoensis), Redbud (Cercis canadensis), Red Twig Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera), Blueberry Bushes (Vaccinium), Several 'Hiroki Nishiki' Dappled Willows (Salix integra)

Here are some other tree related posts for Arbor Day! If you have one to submit to this list comment and let me know and I'll add your post!

Tina at In the Garden "Planting Trees"
Nancy at Soliloquy "A Kindness for Generations"

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