St. Patrick's Day: Anything Green

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day here is my Anything Green Post! You are welcome to join in and post anything that is green and growing in your gardens in the month of March!

Here's the tour of what's green in my gardens.

The daffodils in my yard are still green while most of the other daffodils I have seen in our area are blooming. I planted them late in the fall which is probably why they haven't emerged. I'm hoping that they will bloom when the Bradford pears do. The blend of yellow and white blossoms would make a nice combination.

Here is a sedum emerging from it's roots for the year.

These are daylilies (Hemerocallis) that I divided last fall. There was one huge clump that I separated into thirteen new plants. Some even sent up new blooms before fall ended. I suspect that it's a 'Stella De Oro' but I don't know for sure since it was here when we bought the house.

The mums are sending up new growth all over the garden. I'll keep them trimmed to encourage them to grow bushy and full for fall.

This plant is not in the yard yet but it will be soon. Right now this Asparagus fern is waiting in my garage to be moved outside when the warmer weather appears. This particular fern has come back from the brink of death many times. It's probably 7-8 years old but it may be older still. You just can't keep a good plant down!

The lovely green clumps of fescue in my yard. It's getting better, really it is! The gaps are slowly disappearing. Over-seeding in the fall works wonders!

Oh and I can't forget the obligatory green weed picture.
This lush lime green chickweed loves our yard.

There's a little bit O' green from my garden, what green do you have in yours?

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