Random Events: Damage Control, Wind and Rain, Raised Beds and Digging in the Dirt

Today was one of those days where you just don't seem to be able to get much done! The weather was unseasonably warm (in the 70's) and was just great day to be outside with the exception of the high wind. Because of the billowing gusts we didn't go outside until my youngest daughter (3 months now) went to sleep. My oldest daughter (2 years) and I voyaged outside (armed with the baby monitor) after lunch to get some fresh air and a taste of the spring like conditions outdoors.

Damage Control
While outside we saw that the high winds had knocked over four of our glass windows that we had designated for garden use. Guess what they landed on? Yep, concrete. Which meant glass was everywhere. Fortunately only one complete window was destroyed. Another one had broken all of one pane but since it was a double paned window it still had the other one left. There are more windows available but it was a pain to clean up all the shattered panes. Fortunately my daughter did an excellent job of keeping a safe distance away. Unfortunately it took most of my outdoor time to clean up the windows. The other outside chores had to wait.

The Raised Beds
I managed to get another section of the raised beds done on Sunday evening. One more to go then I'll level them and fill them up. Once I get that far I'll build a cold frame over one of the 6 ft. beds and start planting!

Digging in the Dirt
It's amazing how thrilling the simple things can be for a 2 year old. My daughter just played and played while I was cleaning up the glass. She dug in the dirt of the rain garden mostly, alternating between her shovel and a stick for tools. She really has quite a collection of gardening paraphernalia. Occasionally she tossed a golf ball around. She just enjoys digging and doing anything her daddy tries to do. I hope that the desire to dig sticks with her as she grows up. She's probably too young to understand plants and seeds but soon we'll get into that!

Wind and Rain
Bad storms are approaching Tennessee tonight. Hopefully there will not be any tornadoes but they are calling for high winds and lots of rain. The rain is welcome, the wind isn't but trying to explain that to the wind is another matter. A taste of spring like we had today is great but cruel since it disappears so fast. Spring is coming soon, I'll just keep telling myself that!