Moss in the Yard and Garden

Moss in the garden is a curious thing. Some people can't stand it in their yards. They view it as a blemish in their finely manicured landscape where they think there should be grass. I think differently. Why replace the moss with anything else? It's green year round, it grows in a trouble spot, and it prevents erosion.
Moss thrives where other plants don't like to go. Rocky soils that don't sustain other plants are no problem for moss. What is really interesting about moss is that it gets most of it's nutrients from the air. All it needs is moisture and a shady environment to grow! You can even help the moss along by taking some moss, buttermilk , and water in roughly equal proportions and mixing them in a blender. Pour the liquefied moss on the area you want it, keep it moist, and watch it grow!

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