A Morning Walk Around the Yard

Periodically I like to walk around the yard to see what there is to see. I was out around 7:30 this morning and took these pictures of the yard. The plants are really showing their eagerness for the spring season.

I don't think many people consider maple trees for their flowers but maybe we should all take a closer look. The bright red flowers of this red maple (Acer rubrum) certainly are very interesting to admire and appreciate. Hopefully later in the season this little tree (the first we planted in our new yard in 2007) will be covered with little samaras ready to sprout new little maple trees! A samara is the winged seed maple trees produce.

Here is a green weeping willow I planted near the back of our yard. I took the stake out the other day and it started leaning so I may put the stake back in for extra support. I don't like staking trees at all but sometimes it's necessary. This little willow is starting to show some green. I know willows are problematic but they are beautiful trees!

That sneaky henbit again!

Here is some 'Homestead' purple verbena. This one is an offshoot from the original one I bought. I wasn't sure if it would make it through the winter but it is doing good so far!

This flowering crabapple isn't flowering yet but it is growing some good foliage. This is an Arbor Day tree that I planted last spring. It's doing great but it needs branches! Right now it is just a stick with leaves, maybe this will be the year for branching out.

Here is one of the two Bradford pears in our yard with an eastern red cedar tree. The cedar tree is the edge of out lot. Beneath the Bradford I planted irises that are growing fast. We should have some blooms before too long.

The other Bradford pear is up by the mailbox. The builder of our subdivision planted two of them in every yard. Of course some people in our neighborhood put in more which is a mistake to me, but if they would like half a tree the Bradford is a good choice. It will split in two in a strong storm. I'll be doing a post soon on my opinion of the Bradford pear, I bet you can guess what I'll say! I do enjoy it's appearance and it looks great with daffodils planted beneath it.

Happy Spring!

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