It's All White With Me, Snow in Tennessee

I know those of you in Canada and the Northern U.S. see snow fairly regularly, but in Tennessee it doesn't happen often. When it does it's usually fairly substantial. In our area of Tennessee, which would be the Southern Middle region, we picked up 3-4 inches of the fluffy white stuff. For me it brings back memories of growing up in Western Pennsylvania. I remember the piles of snow plowed up so high that we could build snow forts out of them, sledding down the hills, and walking on water (OK it was ice but ice is frozen water!).

Snow in Tennessee usually happens in March, at least all the bigs one's do. This might be the most snowfall we've had in the last couple years. Here are some early pictures of our snow day. There will be more to come. Please excuse me while I go build a snow man!

Yew got snow?

Here are some bunny tracks.

A snow covered rock.

Another snow covered rock.

The Mockingbird King is guarding his treasures again.

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