Garden Blogger's Bloom Day: Buds and Blooms in March

Welcome to Garden Blogger's Bloom Day at the Home Garden. Be sure to go visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to tour some of the other blooms and blogs!

I will never advocate planting a Bradford pear
but in the right light
it just might look alright!

Buds beginning to break from their winter slumber.
(this is one of my better pictures!)

The tree will soon be bursting with blooms.
(Bradford pears look nice but can't stand up to stormy weather)

Beneath the Bradford are the daffodils about to bloom.

I hope that they will open soon.

Here is some of our heather blooming still.

Look a little closer you may see a creature,
the first of his kind that I can feature.

This little bee is the first I've seen,
the picture is fuzzy but isn't that how a bee should be?

And now what you've been waiting for,
something of which I am so proud.

Flowering weeds that know no bounds!


For a good weed identification guide go to
the University of Arkansas's Cooperative Extension Site!

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