The First Plant Hunt: A Scouting Mission

Yesterday we went on a scouting mission. Needham's Nursery in Mount Juliet was the territory we explored. The game was scarce as the season has not officially begun, but as I said it was only a scouting mission. We wandered the paths of our quarry occasionally stopping to observe, admire, and record the potential acquisitions.

Although it was early, what we hunted for was there, lurking among the rows of vegetation just waiting to be found. We saw several interesting formations while scanning the lay of the land.

We stalked our quarry past the Hamamelis (Witch hazel) which stared at us while fully in bloom.

The path beyond the Witch hazel the trail led us to the purple foliage of the loropetalum.

Once we passed the lorpetalum we stopped to observe the dry seed pods of an extremely rare site in the south: The Crape myrtle!

We trudged on, through the rhododendrons. A native of the of the mountainous regions of our state.

Through the grasses.

As we journeyed on we observed the striking red bark of the Cornus stolinifera (Red Twig Dogwood). A great specimen for winter interest.

Resting among the shrubs we sited a Nandina domestica. Like the Cornus stolinifera it is also noted for its winter color with its red berries and red laced foliage.

During the hunt we noticed the variegated foliage of this Liriope was flourishing despite some damage in the underbrush.

The arborvitae was standing tall like silent sentinels guarding the path.

The Leyland cypress watched quietly as we crept pass.

As we were leaving a flock of Mugo pine appeared.

Did we find what we were looking for? You can find out when the plans for the wedding landscape continue!

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