10 Easy Plants to Propagate for Your Home Garden

Here is a list of 10 plants that are very easy to propagate for your garden that I have found to be extremely easy to root. There are many plants that could be on this list but I decided to stick with some that I have done and know for a fact that their root development is very reliable.

Here is my list of 10 easy plants to propagate!

  1. Euonymous fortunei - this plant will grow to be about 4 feet tall and wide. It grows roots extremely easily and will self layer if you let it!
  2. Red Twig Dogwood - Cuttings and layering work very well. So far my record has been 4 for 4 on red twig dogwood cuttings! The other day I made 11 more cuttings, hopefully those will work just as well.
  3. Euonymous alata - I did this as an experiment and probably won't make anymore since it is becoming an invasive plant in Tennessee. It is a very attractive bush in the fall with it's fiery red foliage. That's why people call it a Burning Bush.
  4. Russian sage - Greenwood stems work great for cuttings. They root readily in just water and even faster with rooting hormone applied to the stem. I plan to take many cuttings of Russian sage this year. They are a great plant for the landscape since they are drought hardy and look fantastic. They can also be rooted from hardwood cuttings.
  5. Verbenas - Verbena tends to sprawl and create roots along its stem. These roots are easily coaxed to become new plants. Putting the rooted stems in water works well, but using rooting hormone should speed up the process. I used the water method for mine and they worked fine. Edit: Verbenas will work in water like I wrote but root faster in a rooting medium like sand, sand/peat, or peat/perlite.
  6. Chrysanthemums - When a small branch broke off after I bought one last fall I put it in a pot and it grew. I kept it moist and in a shady location while it was rooting. Chrysanthemums work very well from cuttings! (Asters will do the same thing.)
  7. Willows - Willows will root if you just stick them in the ground, but a glass of water or a pot work well also. They have high levels of auxins (a rooting hormone) that helps to create the roots. If you have extra cuttings cut them into 1 inch pieces and soak them for 24 hours in warm water. Then you will have a natural rooting compound to use for other plants!
  8. Purple Leaf Plums - I didn't realize it when I started them but they root very easily. If you have to prune your trees and would like some more give your hardwood stem cuttings a try!
  9. Rosemary - Layering will work well with rosemary as does just putting them in a glass of water. Be sure to put them in a well drained potting mix as soon as it begins to grow roots.
  10. Hydrangeas - Greenwood cuttings from hydrangeas root very easily. I use rooting hormone for hydrangeas. Here's a tip: protect them when they are small, the rabbits liked mine! (This doesn't include Oak Leaf Hydrangeas although they can be rooted from cuttings.)

These 10 plants are just some that you could try in your garden. There are many other candidates that would work just as well. Annuals tend to grow very easily from cuttings so give coleus a try if you want a great place to start! One thing you should check out before you make cuttings is if the variety you want to take the cutting from has a plant patent. Many plants are protected from vegetative propagation (cuttings) by their patents for a period if time to give the patent holder a chance to market the plant. I'll be writing a post about plant patents later in the week so don't forget to check back if you're interested in plant propagation!

I Highly recommend this book by the American Horticultural Society on Plant Propagation. If you are interested in learning more on plant propagation this book is a great place to start! That is an affiliate link which if you use helps to keep great gardening content on Growing The Home Garden!