Staring into the Blue Mist

I've been perusing many catalogs over the past several days trying to figure out what seeds to get. I finally wrote down the vegetables the other day but while looking at the plethora of pictures in the catalogs I found a perennial shrub that intrigues me. I've seen it before but the catalogs' pictures make the Blue Mist Shrub come alive. Its blue blooms would make an awesome addition to our yard. I could easily see it in sweeping masses along our backyard slope. Its blooms flush out in the mid to late summer. Caryopteris has several varieties like 'Longwood Blue' or 'Dark Knight' (Caryopteris x clandonesis). I wonder what Batman would think to have a flowering shrub named after him?

It would make a great border plant for one of our existing planting beds or lining a pathway to one of my future garden zones. Edit: See an update on the Caryopteris row!


Photo from Wayside Gardens

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