If I had a Million Dollars...

"If I had a million dollars..."

This is the main chorus line in a very humorous song by the Bare Naked Ladies but doesn't everyone think this every now and then?

So with a gardening slant...

If I had a million dollars I'd build a modest house of four bedrooms and put it on as much acreage as I could afford and still have money leftover for everything else on my list. Twenty to thirty acres would do. It would have a long, long driveway with red and sugar maples lining the sides of it creating some spectacular fall color (and a bunch of leaves for the compost bin).

Outside of the maples the ground would be left mostly natural either with fields of wildflowers and grass or surrounding forest which ever it happened to be. Behind the house would be fields or forest left mostly natural. Through the fields there would be pathways that would form a rough sort of maze with points of interest along the way. Little gardens in the rough just waiting to pop out and grab your attention. Places to sit and contemplate nature would be placed along the way. Somewhere on the property there would be a natural stream like the one I grew up around perfect for wildlife to visit. Birches and other water loving trees would create a shade grove around that creek.

Near the house there would be a large vegetable garden that could host every sort of vegetable I could imagine and then some. Some for canning, some for eating and some for giving away. There would be a heated greenhouse for my many cutting experiments and seed starting. I would also have the ultimate garden shed, it would be powered, heated and have running water. I would go solar also. I'd have the shed and the house powered to run off the sun!

What would you do if you had a million dollars for your garden?

I could probably think of more but I'll stop now and tell you this, "if I had a million dollars...

I'd be rich!"