Here's a Pickle For You

I'm in a bit of a pickle. Sorry if you thought I was handing out pickles with my post title. In this case the pickle refers to a dilemma or situation. It's not a bad situation by any means. Something I suspected since we moved into our house was confirmed to me yesterday.

While outside doing some winter sowing I thought I'd walk around a bit. I went to the back property line and walked up a little to see if I could finally find the post that marks our corner. I've been looking for it for several months now. I couldn't find it so in a moment of spontaneity I trudged up the hill to my neighbor's house. I've only spoken to him once before although we have waved at each other coming and going. He's from Ireland and out of the country frequently and travels for his business so we don't see him too often. I rang his doorbell and asked about our property line. I should have done this much sooner but I'm a bit of an introvert and going up to talk to people spontaneously is not really in my nature. We walked along the line and I discovered that what I thought I owned was smaller than what I actually owned. Not a bad problem! The only difficulty is that this area is a steep slope with many, many weeds. In my estimation this are could be almost 1/5 of our yard. It's a big area.

What do I do with it now? I have a few ideas but what would you do with a steep slope covered with weeds? Ground covers? Landscaping a slope economically could be a challenge.