The Definition of Blotany

If you read my title you may have noticed an unusual looking word. The study of blotany is not something restricted to any one area. Many regions around the world have studied this craft.

You may never have heard of Blotany but it bears some resemblance to other words you may be familiar with. Blotany looks very similar to the word Botany which is the study of plants and plant related subjects. You will also notice that Blotany's first three letters are the same as the word blog. So if you analyze the two meanings together you might come up with the study of plant related blogs. To be more specific: garden blogs and the world of Blotanical! Blotanical is a website dedicated to garden blogs and those who are interested in gardening. It has a directory of blogs you can surf through by region. You don't have to be a blogger to use this resource. You can skim the recent posts or search for a specific subject. There are blogs from around the world that have all sorts of fantastic plants and gardening ideas. Eventually everyone will be able to vote on posts that you really like. Right now that is restricted to only the blog authors but Blotanical is just a young sapling and its features are still growing. Stop by and check it out! Just make sure you come back to read here. I appreciate all the readers and commentators that have stopped by since I started this blog in October. Thanks for making this fun!

Also I was added to the lists at The Best Blogs in Tennessee! It's a directory of blogs in the state of Tennessee that have all sorts of subject areas. I might be the first gardening blog there. Check it out when you get the chance!

This site won a 'Best Blog in Tennessee' award!

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