Colors of Springs Past 2003

In 2003 we didn't have a house or a garden that we owned but we treated the Great Smoky Mountains as our garden. We traveled frequently to the park and took pictures of anything that caught our interest. As part of the Garden Bloggers' Design Workshop: Color in the Garden at Gardening Gone Wild I thought I'd contribute some photos for mother nature. One of the best designers out there!

Purple and green beneath a strategically placed boulder.

A close up.

White and green.

Yellow and green.

More white and green!

White and brown!


Green and green!


Orange and red and what else? Green!

Flame Azalea

The next few pictures were taken at my parent's house and not in the Smokies.

Purple and green!


Pink and Green!


Red and Green!
A Japanese maple with nandinas planted beneath.

Green! (with a little blue flag)

The woods at my in-law's house.

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