What Do You Compost?

Even in winter compost happens. It may be slower but those microbes are still hard at work turning your pile of waste into "Gardener's Gold." You can compost all sorts of vegetable based materials. I even heard a news story not to long ago in New Jersey where they compost roadkill carcasses! They bury the poor animals in wood chips and in a few months very little remains of the animal. I wouldn't recommend this for the home garden since animal carcasses can (and probably will) attract other animals.

Our compost pile has mostly seen kitchen scraps. Quite a few fruit rinds have ended their journey in our bin including grapefruit, orange, and avocado peels. Vegetable leftovers like tomato bits, lettuce, and the stalks of celery that never get eaten because they were forgotten about in the bottom tray of the refrigerator have all been composted. Nothing very unique there! Grass clippings and leaves have both been used. Sticks and pruned branches have been donated to the bin for the composting cause as have coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells and onion scraps. All these things are pretty standard fare for your typical, everyday, run of the mill compost bin.

So here's the question:
What is the most unusual item(s) you have ever composted?

I suppose the most unique thing we have composted would either be the brown toilet paper roll and paper towel tubes left over after the roll is used or our old friend Jack. (Don't panic! Jack wasn't a real person! )

Nothing really crazy here but I'm interested in seeing if there's anything out there that other people may not have thought about composting! Feel free to talk about it on your blog if you have one or comment here if you don't! Just post a link so people can find your blog.

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