A Short Walk Outside

This post was meant for Saturday morning but our internet connection was down all day.

I went outside yesterday for the first time in several days to tinker in the yard. I was only out for about 15 minutes (not including the time it took me to adjust our satellite dish) but in that time I checked out the little Arbor Day trees, dumped vegetable matter into the compost bin and tried out my new shovel a bit.

I noticed that the deer struck again, one of them took a bite out of a sweet gum tree. Fortunately sweet gum trees grow fast and it should recover provided it's left alone for a while. I'll have to find a way to take sweet gum branches off the menu! Perhaps serving some hot sauce with the sweet gum might deter the determined deer!

Weather Report!
It's been very cold over the last several days. Our thermometer registered 2.3 degrees the other night! It probably doesn't even come close to the temperatures in many northern gardeners' backyards but for Tennessee, that's pretty dang cold! Our house sits in low spot that collects the cold like a magnet and can be quite shady in the evening which amplifies the frigid temperatures. When I went to dump the compost into the bin I tried to turn it and found it frozen solid! It's not too good for compost, I hope those microbes are keeping warm. The cold weather has frozen the ground pretty thoroughly. That's not too big of a deal but I was hoping to begin work on my drainage project soon. It hasn't been put off indefinitely since the weather report says 65 on Sunday.

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