The Pot Garden

Several years before we had a house with a little land we had to garden on our back porch. Friends and people I worked with thought we were crazy but it really makes a lot of sense. For small spaces gardening in pots is an excellent way to garden. Many vegetables come in varieties that are perfect for pots due to their small size or their growing habit. Here in this post you can see some of our back porch garden veggie pictures.

In the above picture you can see one of our first pot gardens.

Those same plants in the first picture eventually became the one's in this picture!

Cucumbers! In the left side of this picture you can see our compost bucket.

A little cucumber on it's way.

Tomato blossoms.

Radishes are good choices for pots.

Strawberries and tomatoes both grew well in pots. Our other veggies included summer squash, peppers, beans, and green onions.


In later years we needed more space. The shelving helped to make use of the vertical space. You can see my bean plants sprawling in the front.

If you garden in a pot the most important thing to remember is to water regularly. Plants dry out quick since they are exposed to more air than they would be if they were in the ground. Go for plastic pots over terracotta since terracotta pots dry out much faster. You may want to consider a drip irrigation system to help with the watering. Pot gardens just prove that you can garden almost anywhere. I hope you weren't thinking of some other kind of pot garden! We're talkin' veggies here!

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