Is it Spring Yet?

Is it spring yet? The weather sure seems like it! Today and tomorrow we are looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. Yesterday was warm also in the lower 60's. The difference today will probably be the sun. That bright orange combustible ball of incandescent gas is out and warming things up instead of shyly hiding behind the gray winter clouds. I hope in his exuberance that our old friend the sun doesn't wake up the bulbs and perennial plants from their winter slumber. Surely the warm temperatures have not lasted long enough for that but you never know. This wacky winter weather will all come to an end in a day or two when old man winter stretches his hand out once again to grasp Tennessee firmly in his embrace. The cold fronts are coming! The cold fronts are coming! This warm snap will be nice while it lasts. I'd better take advantage of it and get off this computer and get out into the yard!

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