If You Could Plant Anything What Would You Plant?

Here's a random question for you. If you could plant any plant in your garden that exists outside of your zone what would it be and why? The first and only rule with this question is that the plant must not be hardy in your zone. Other than that any plant you can think of is fair game.

With my first choice I would probably pick some citrus trees. Grapefruit and oranges would be great trees to have. We eat them fairly regularly and it would be good to just walk outside and pick something for breakfast. Maybe lemons also since they can be used for so many things. Fresh squeezed lemonade in the summer from trees in our own backyard would be awesome!

Another choice I might make would be Camellia sinensis which is used for making tea. It's a zone 7-9 plant and would be a borderline plant here. We could possible cheat the zone and plant it outside but the winters would most likely damage it. We're about as close to zone 7 as you can get without actually being there. It could be planted in a pot indoors then put out for the spring, summer, and part of fall. We drink tea fairly often and it would be nice to have green tea fresh or try to make our own black tea.

What would you plant?