English Laurel Cuttings

This weekend we ventured up to my wife's parents house. I'm always looking for something plant or garden related to get into so I braved the 30 degree temperatures for a little while to see what I could find. I decided to take some more cuttings of the English laurels (Schip laurels) in the front yard. I just can't help myself. When there is an opportunity to get new plants I take it. I took four cuttings back in the fall and managed to get them to root fairly easily and from what I've read others have found that they are extremely easy to root. If you haven't tried propagating plants before English laurels (Prunus laurocerasus) might be a close second behind willows as the easiest plant to propagate and might be a good one to try. These plants look great when full grown. Here is a picture of one the mother plants where I took my cuttings.

I ended up taking eight cuttings and followed the same standard cutting procedure as I did for the pyracanthus I posted about earlier in the week. Below you can see the 8 cuttings arrayed on the paper towel.

I used two old Gatorade drink bottles for temporary propagating pots, fashionable right? Maybe not but it is re-using something rather than tossing it into the trash!

Winter is a good time to take cuttings of many evergreens. I'll be keeping these plants inside until the warmer weather comes to stay.

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