Helpful Gardening Hints: Compost collection

We all know we should compost. Most of use know the things we can compost. So here's a couple ideas to help you compost!

1. We have a compost bucket outside our back door. The 5 gallon bucket stands ready to collect the compost until we can take it to the big bin in back. There are compost buckets you can bring indoors that have fancy carbon filters to minimize odors, but we don't have one for two reasons: we already have a bucket and we don't have enough room inside our kitchen! When we accumulate compost we can just open the back door and dump it into the bucket. We put several 1/4 inch holes in the bucket on the sides, on the top, and on the bottom so the compost could get oxygen. We secured the top of the bucket with a large rock so that animals can't lift it off. This bucket used to be our primary compost maker when we were living in our apartment. It just sat on the back porch making "gardener's gold."

2. We reuse newspaper bags to hold compost in the garage until we can make it out to the compost bin. It all depends on the weather. If it's raining we'll put the kitchen scraps in the newspaper bags then give them a twist. The twist prevents the kitchen scraps from emanating odors. Then we put the compost bag in the garage. If it's not raining we use the compost bucket. If you don't receive newspapers or they don't have the plastic bags then you can use old bread bags.

Of course if we're having warm weather then the walk to the bin is a great excuse to get outside!

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