Garden Thoughts: A Gardening Equation

(Time x (Knowledge + Experience) x Money )= Your Garden

How successful is your garden? I think you can tell just by observing the outcome, but there are elements that go into it that effect your desired outcome.

Time to me is by far the most important. The amount of time spent planning, weeding, planting, propagating, or even researching play a huge role in what you get. With enough time you can grow large trees from small saplings, perennials or annuals from seed, or propagate plants from cuttings. Your knowledge and experience is a factor, but each time (there is that time word again) you try something new you increase your experience and learn something new! With experience and knowledge you can find other gardeners to exchange plants or seeds. You could even get help in landscape planning from garden clubs or other gardeners.

Instant gardening gratification can be achieved with enough cold hard cash, but you don't have to have a lot of money to be successful. Every now and then you will see a plant you can only find at a garden center or nursery and you may spend some money there. You may even spend a little on dirt, mulch, or containers. If you compost (experience, knowledge, and time again) you get free super powered dirt and you won't need fertilizers. You can even collect rainwater to reduce the cost of watering your garden. Knowing how to cut your lawn will help your grass grow without using fertilizers. Knowing what the plant requirements are will help you to figure out the best plants for your climate. Money can be the least of all factors but time is by far the most important!

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