Arbor Day Tree Update No. 1 or Do Deer use Pruners?

I have to ask do deer use pruners? I was walking in my yard transplanting a willow and went over to one of the free maples I planted.

And to what did my wondering eyes appear?
A slice off the tip of my maple by a deer!

Perfectly sheered as if the deer carried a set of bypass pruners in its pockets! I was afraid the deer might snack on my trees. It seems that a maple is good for lunch, dinner or even that late night snack. I wish the maple had not appeared on the deer's menu but that just confirms what I was thinking. I should find two larger "Sunset" maples to put in the yard instead. Larger trees would stand a better chance against the appetite of the white-tailed midnight muncher. Don't get me wrong I like the deer coming to visit. I just wish they would bring a bag lunch instead!