What were they thinking?

I had to drive our cat Amber to the vet today to get some tests done on her. She has kidney renal failure and we have to periodically see how her blood is. She's been doing really good but has lost her appetite recently.

While I was up in town I thought I'd drive around a few minutes to see what new developments had popped up. Shopping centers and housing developments are popping up all over the place in our area. I noticed in between one residential area and a shopping center there was a plant creating a great screen. In fact this plant could probably grow 20 feet high or more creating a very good sound barrier as well as the visual screen it was intended to be. Only one problem...it's Bamboo! Bamboo can send runners out all over and can quickly tack over an area. Putting it as close to a residential area may not have been the best of ideas. Bamboo is actually a grass and grows very, very fast. Sure it looks neat, it looks exotic but its problems could be huge. Some people who plant bamboo put in a very thick sheet of plastic to keep the runners from escaping. Sometimes this works. I doubt the contractors did that here though. There are also forms of bamboo that clump rather than run and these are much less invasive. Still bamboo is not native to Tennessee and you always have to be careful with exotic plants!

It's a good bet that some people in those neighborhoods will indeed find an unwelcome visitor in their future.


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