Out and About

I enjoy periodically just walking around the yard and seeing what there is to see in my landscape. Today was a bit of an overcast day probably in the lower to mid 60's F. Its always a good idea to walk around your yard so you know what's happening. Today I took a camera and shot a few pictures. The fall colors are out on some of our trees.

These pictures are of our backyard. We have about an acre with a tree line to the south, a bit of a wild field area to the west between us and our neighbor's yard, and another neighbor on our eastern side.
In the Spring we planted this maple tree in and attempt to add some future shade to the yard. Its an October Glory maple. It has some good red color with some hints of orange.

This tree is just a nice maple with golden colors in the back tree line of our yard. Its most likely a silver maple.

Don't forget about fall color from berries! Here are some red nandina berries (sometimes called heavenly bamboo) that have ripened in our front walkway garden area.

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